Cauny - History of a Timeless Brand

1. The beginning

The history of Cauny is intertwined with the history of the Greblers, a Polish family that, with the beginning of the First World War, was forced to flee and settle in Switzerland, in La-Chaux-de-Fonds.

It was there that the first contact had the tradition with that strong place and created its own brand. In 1927, CAUNY was born, by the hand of the three Grebler brothers: Albert, Henry and Mireille, who began their journey in the iconic concave building on Avenue Léopold-Robert.

2. Female Leadership

Mireille, the youngest of the three brothers, became the first woman in the world to lead a watch brand.

Her leadership gave shape and destiny to the ambition of the three brothers to create a high quality watch brand, with an original and elegant design, that would reach all parts of the world.


The brand's nautical spirit dates back to its early years, when brothers Albert and Henry set out on passenger boats across the Mediterranean, from port city to port city, taking Cauny watches around the world. With a Swiss passport and a Mediterranean soul, Cauny has established itself worldwide as a cult watch brand

4. Legacy

The brand's history has been written down from generation to generation, with the transmission of Cauny watches from parents to children, in an enviable legacy: for millions of people, Cauny was their first watch. In the 50s, 60s and 70s, the brand appeared on the wrists of people all over the world, who found in Cauny watches a faithful companion for life.

5. Iconic design

The original and careful design has been a constant in Cauy's history since its early days. The iconic lines and details of the dials made Cauny famous and made the brand a reference in the watchmaking industry.

6. Watchmaking spirit

The strong watchmaking spirit of the brand translates into a technique and rigor of execution that allow you to create fine watchmaking pieces at an affordable price.

From 1927 until today, Cauny produces its automatic mechanisms in its home town (La-Chaux-de-Fonds).

7. Apollon

In the 70s, Cauny created a special edition to celebrate the Apollo missions, in which Man conquered space by stepping on the Moon for the first time. The original shape of the dial evokes the format of the televisions on which millions of people watched this decisive moment in human history. To this day, Apollon watches are absolute bestsellers for the brand.

8. Innovation

Throughout its history, Cauny has always been at the forefront of innovation and has developed celebrated watches that anticipated the arrival of quartz and the digital watch.

9. A Lasting Ideal

Almost 100 years later, Mireille Grebler's original ambition still lives on: the incessant search for unique design and excellent materials, always staying true to the best principles of the watchmaking tradition.

With eyes on the past, we work daily to build the watches of the future.


The year 2022 marked a new era in Cauny's recent history with the launch of a watch totally designed by the great architect Álvaro Siza. The new watch, available in two different versions, was the first watch fully designed by the Pritzker Prize winner in 1992 and it became an absolute bestseller from the first second.

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